mandag 5. desember 2016

How to be present with what is happening now

Since I have noticed that more of my Readers come from abroad I have decided to Write some posts in English.

Whenever you have the chance - come into the present moment. There may be different Things happening that makes you aware of the moment. Lets say you are at the gym - there is Music, and you are on the threadmill. All of a sudden you notice you have to fart, and its not a short one - its a little longer. Since there is Music you feel total safe and relaxed With farting. But then, the Music stops, but Your fart is still on. Ops. All of a sudden, you are totally in the moment, the rest of the People are also aware, and they are so Grateful - Grateful for its not being them that farted, and you can all of a sudden notice Your blood - flodding to Your face, Your legs get Cold, you feel like running, not on the threadmill, but far away. Then, you realise the fart is smell less. Phew, and then the Music starts.

So, why is it that something like this puts us in the present moment? The body Language is so loud, it cannot be ignored. The others may have seen that Your red face, got even redder. Your hearbeat rose even more, and the embarrasement in the Whole body.

But what on everyday life when nothing is happening. Do you then notice the present moment? What brings you into the present moment?

You can ask yourself;

Whats happening now?
Can I allow it?
And then again,
whats happening now?

Yours Desiree